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Welcome to Global IT Engineers, the heart and hub of Information Technology recruitment and consultation services. Our journey began with the vision and expertise of three exceptional leaders in the tech industry, each bringing a unique blend of skills and experiences to form a formidable force in the IT recruitment landscape.

The Founding Trio of Global IT Engineers
At the forefront of Global IT Engineers stands a trio of powerhouse individuals – Abdellah Ait Hassou, Aboubakr El Ansari, and Soufian el Ghalbzouri. These three visionaries have not only founded the company but continue to be the driving force behind its innovative approach to bridging the gap between exceptional IT talent and leading industry players. Their combined expertise and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the company into a leader in the IT recruitment and consultation services sector.

Abdellah Ait Hassou: The Business-IT Conduit
Leading as our Chief Executive Officer, Abdellah Ait Hassou brings extensive experience as a cloud consultant and functional manager. Ait Hassou’s academic background in Business IT Management, coupled with his comprehensive experience in programming and strategic business insights, enables him to form a unique bridge between business and IT. His ability to align technical solutions with business objectives has been pivotal in guiding our company’s strategic direction and operational excellence.

Soufian el Ghalbzouri: The Technical Maestro
Soufian el Ghalbzouri, our Vice President, steps in as the second person in our leadership triad. With his technical acumen in Python, SQL, Java, and a deep-rooted background in digital marketing, el Ghalbzouri brings a balance of technical prowess and digital strategy to the table. His proficiency in SEO and social media advertising, combined with his software engineering skills, positions us to tap into the latest technological advancements and market trends effectively.

Aboubakr El Ansari: The Financial Strategist with a Tech Edge
Aboubakr El Ansari, our Chief Financial Officer, is a unique player in our team, blending in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting with programming skills in Python and SQL. This unique combination of finance and technology makes El Ansari an invaluable asset to our company. His expertise allows us to navigate the complex financial landscapes of the tech industry while ensuring our financial strategies are both innovative and sustainable.

Together, these three leaders form the cornerstone of Global IT Engineers. Their distinct skills and collective vision have enabled us to carve out a unique position in the IT recruitment sector. As we continue to grow and evolve in this dynamic industry, the contributions and leadership of Ait Hassou, el Ghalbzouri, and El Ansari will remain vital to our journey towards connecting innovation with empowering solutions.

Individually, each leader brings their own strengths and perspectives, but together, they create a synergy that drives Global IT Engineers towards excellence and innovation. Their collective vision and leadership have been the cornerstone of our success, guiding the company to numerous achievements and milestones in the IT recruitment sector.

Bound by our credo, “Connecting Innovation, Empowering Solutions”, we at Global IT Engineers are committed to bridging the gap between top-notch IT talent and leading industry players. As technology evolves and the digital world expands, our mission to make IT accessible and provide seamless recruitment solutions becomes ever more vital.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead in the world of technology. Welcome to the future, as envisioned and created by the trailblazing leaders of Global IT Engineers.

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